Beautiful Babe: Five Baby Toiletries That Are Little Beauties!

Hi Lovelies,

Today's post is all about some brilliant baby toiletries! 

Perhaps surprisingly, all of these baby toiletries have at least one brilliant beauty use for us ladies!

Baby Toiletries as Beauty Products
(Left to right): Johnson's Cotton Buds (200 buds) £1.00, ASDA Fragranced Cotton Soft Baby Wipes (64 wipes) £0.87, Johnson's Baby Shampoo (300ml) £1.50, Johnson's Baby Oil (200ml) £1.00, Imperial Leather Talcum Powder (300g) £1.00 . Total: £5.37

Baby Oil a.k.a...

The Eye Make-Up Remover: Baby oil can be used to remove eye make up. Just take a cotton pad or cotton ball, pour on a little baby oil and sweep it across the eye area. Repeat the process until all traces of eye make-up have been removed. Then take a dry cotton pad or ball and dab away any excess baby oil and Voilà! There's no need to splurge on expensive eye make up removers again, unless you want to of course!

Baby Shampoo a.k.a...

The Make-Up Brush Cleanser: Baby shampoo is a gentle yet effective cleanser  suitable for washing your make-up brushes with. It also usually smells gorgeous and leaves your brushes looking, feeling and smelling brand new!

Talcum Powder a.k.a...

The Foot Freshener: After I have bathed or showered, I dry my feet thoroughly and then shake a little talcum powder into my socks before I put them on (I find it less messy to put the talc directly into my socks, rather than onto my feet first and the into my socks). The talcum powder absorbs sweat and keeps my feet smelling sweet! 

Baby Wipes a.k.a...

The Make-Up Remover Facial Wipe: Personally, I really do prefer using baby wipes for removing make-up instead of specialist make-up remover facial wipes. They are very inexpensive, especially when compared to branded make-up remover wipes, they come in bigger value packs and are usually quite moist. I find that a lot of branded facial make-up remover wipes can be quite dry and that in itself can be a problem when trying to thoroughly remove all make-up. A lot of baby wipes contain baby lotion which also doubles up as an effective facial cleanser. As long as you don't mind removing your make-up with something designed to be used on a babies bum, you'll be sure to save a tidy sum in the long run!

Cotton Buds a.k.a...

The Mascara Mistake Eraser and Eye-liner Smudger: I just love cotton buds for correcting any mistakes when i'm applying mascara. I have quite an unsteady hand so these always come in handy! I also sometimes like to use these to gently smudge my eye liner to create a softer look or a achieve a smoky eye look. Perhaps surprisingly the one thing I would never do with a cotton bud is poke it in my ear. As a general rule, I try to never put anything smaller than my elbow in my ear!  

Do you have any alternative beauty related uses for baby toiletries? If you do, I'd love you to leave a comment below. 

Hanna x

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