D.I.Y Hair Highlights: Bblonde Jerome Russell Highlighting Kit

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This post is a review of the 'Bblonde Jerome Russell Highlighting Kit' for use on light/dark brown hair. I bought two of these D.I.Y Highlighting kits from Superdrug a little while ago when they had a two for £10 offer on. I have used both boxes now and highlighted my hair on two separate occasions in between Salon visits using these highlighting kits. I have found them to be excellent value for money given the usual cost of getting highlights done at a Hair Salon (usually at least £35 and upwards). Overall, the kit can give very good results but beware, it does take quite a lot of time and effort to apply this kit effectively. 

Jerome Russell Bblonde Permanent Highlighting kit
Jerome Russell Bblonde Permanent Highlighting kit

Product description

'This product is recommended to lift sections of hair to achieve natural looking highlights. The formulation is non-drip and designed for easy and precise application and to help condition and protect hair while you lighten.'

The highlighting kit contains:

- Powder Bleach Sachet
- Bottle of Cream Peroxide
- Conditioning Shampoo Sachet
- Instruction Leaflet
- Applicator Brush
- Metal Hook
- Plastic Gloves
- Mixing Tray
- Highlighting Hat
- Development Hat

Also Needed:

- Timer or Watch
- Cotton Wool Buds
- Old Towel
- Petroleum Jelly
- Warm Running water
- Plastic Teaspoon  


- The formula is indeed non-drip. It is also thick enough to be cleanly applied and it stays on the hair without running everywhere you don't want it to, such as onto clothes and furniture!
-It lifts colours quickly, meaning you don't have to leave the formula on for as long so there is less likelihood of the bleach and peroxide doing lasting damage to your hair.
- The highlighting cap gives precise and natural looking results. You can also tailor how thick you want the highlights to be depending on how much hair you thread through the little holes in the cap. You could also opt for fewer highlights by using less of the holes in the highlighting hat, perhaps only threading hair through every other hole.
- After use, my hair is left looking and feeling quite shiny and healthy. 


- The Kit doesn't include another person when it lists what is also needed! I think that this is a mistake as most people would find it very difficult, if not altogether impossible to use this kit by themselves. When using the highlighting cap, it is very tricky to pick up and thread sections of hair through all of the many little holes using the metal hook and it takes about an hour or so with somebody else doing it. Imagine trying to do all that yourself, especially round the back and sides of your head where you can't really even see!
- The finished highlights may appear to be quite bright and even a little yellow looking. However, it really does come down to personal preference. If you prefer a more toned down colour or ash blonde, try using a toner afterwards. Also, specialist silver shampoos and conditioners can help maintain that ashy look and banish any brassy appearance.   

Tips and tricks: 

- Check out your local college to see if they have a student hair salon that is open to the public. They normally charge only a fraction of the usual price and still do a very good job. I can usually get highlights, a cut and finish for around £25 at my local college training salon. This is a great option provided you don't mind the possibility of being observed by students and tutors alike. 

- Also, check out any local walk-in hair salons that do colours/highlights as these usually offer a cheaper service than salons where you pre-book an appointment. Don't leave it too late in the day to go though, remember highlights do take a long time to complete and if you don't have an appointment you may have to wait a while in a queue before you are seen! 

I think this is a good product to use at home and I have been alternating between getting my highlights done at the Hair Salon and doing them myself at home when my roots are coming through (the perennial problem of highlighted hair!). I think that the very affordable price of this kit is a real plus, it is exceptional value for money and if you can't afford to get your hair done professionally or don't have the time to schedule in a trip to the hair salon when your roots are coming through, this product is a great way to refresh your colour at home. 

Hanna x

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