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Hello everyone! 

Welcome to the 'Miss Beauty Saver Blog!' 

My name is Hanna Rose and I am a 24 year old beauty lover. I have a  passion for finding inexpensive beauty products that are great. I enjoy shopping for new beauty products but I don't have an unlimited budget. Therefore, I have been challenging myself to not only spend less on beauty products but to also make the money I do spend on beauty products work harder and go further. This has led me to some exciting discoveries in the world of less expensive beauty products. I really do believe that the vast range of inexpensive make up and beauty products available to buy today offers an opportunity for people to indulge their passion for beauty whist still saving a little money. 

I will be reviewing make-up and beauty products as well as posting make-up tutorials providing inspiration and information on looks that can be achieved using less expensive products. Also, wherever possible, I will be sharing any little tips or tricks I may have to help you save money without compromising on how you look or feel about yourself. I also have a YouTube Beauty channel where I will be posting beauty related videos. Please do feel free to join me on this exciting journey of beauty fun and money saving! 

I'd love to find out what you think about inexpensive beauty products! 

Miss Beauty Saver

Hanna x

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