Batiste Original Dry Shampoo Review

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Batiste Original Dry Shampoo
Batiste Original Dry Shampoo

I've had this can of Batiste Original Dry Shampoo for absolutely ages but have only recently started to use it. And now that I've started to use it and discovered how great it is, suddenly it's all gone!

Previously, if I felt my hair needed a freshen up, I'd wash it. But after discovering how good this Batiste dry shampoo is, there are now many days when I choose to simply freshen up my hair with a few sprays of this dry shampoo. If your hair is on it's second day and needs a bit of a lift, perhaps it has been weighed down with a lot of styling products, then this will do the trick if you want to leave it looking good as new! 

I have even found that I can stretch my hair to three days after washing if necessary with this product. I would feel incredibly lazy about this but because this product is so good, I feel rather pleased with myself instead! It really does work wonders. It leaves my hair looking fresh, clean and voluminous. 

If you have blonde hair, this dry shampoo has the dual function of also helping to hide dark roots. First of all, the fact it adds volume is useful for helping to disguise dark roots. Voluminous hair usually disguises dark roots better than flat hair. The second way this dry shampoo can be used to hide dark roots is by giving the most obvious dark roots (such as the ones found at the parting or the hair line) a really good spray with this, and then don't completely brush away all of the powdery white residue which will be left, as this powder will help to camouflage any dark roots. As an alternative to cover up dark roots, you could also try a delicate dusting of face / talcum powder! For even better results at hiding dark roots, you could consider trying a Batiste tinted dry shampoo!

Don't worry if you have dark hair and you find this leaves a noticeable white powdery residue, it can easily be brushed out. 

This product is so good at adding volume, that some people even use it in freshly washed hair purely for styling purposes!

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo
Batiste Original Dry Shampoo

I would recommend this product. It is especially good for those days when you may prefer spending an extra 20 minutes in bed to washing and drying your hair! 

A 300ml can of Batiste Original dry shampoo retails for around £2.99. It is available to buy from lots of places, including Boots and Superdrug. 

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