Primark £1 Volume Boost Mascara Review

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Today's post is a review of the Primark £1 Volume Boost Mascara. 

Primark Volume Boost Mascara £1
Primark Volume Boost Mascara £1

Primark Volume Boost Mascara in black is a fantastic budget mascara buy. Whether you are simply wanting a budget mascara to 'put you on' until pay-day or if you are a committed budget beauty shopper, I think this mascara has a lot to offer. 

It can be used in conjunction with a more expensive mascara if you want  to experiment with layering. This can also have the benefit of making your more expensive mascara last a little longer. 

This mascara can be used alone and is really good at separating lashes and even after applying several layers of this mascara there isn't a lot of clumping. 

However, I would say that this mascara doesn't really add volume, it merely coats the lashes, separates and darkens them giving them the appearance of being longer. I think for a £1 mascara, this is perhaps not surprising. 
Primark Volume Boost Mascara £1
Primark Volume Boost Mascara £1
The mascara is a good black colour and it stays on well, lasting all day. It has quite a runny, sticky texture and is easy to smudge. However, if you hold the wand for 30 seconds before applying, this will give the mascara time to dry off slightly, making it less tricky to apply without smudging. Once the mascara is a month or two old, then it will naturally become a little dryer anyway. 

Primark Volume Boost Mascara £1
Lashes with 3 coats of Primark Volume Boost Mascara

Primark Volume Boost Mascara £1Primark Volume Boost Mascara £1

Primark Volume Boost Mascara has been my most used everyday mascara  for quite a few months now and I'm still loving it. I've tried quite a few other more expensive mascaras over the years and often found them to be disappointing. Eyelashes are different for everyone and what works well for one person may not work as well on somebody else. My eyelashes are quite sparse and not that long, so love the fact that this mascara really does do something for them, and for only £1! I've had more expensive mascaras do just the same and even less!

Hanna x 

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