My Perfume Collection February 2013

Hi Lovelies,

Welcome to the Miss Beauty Saver Blog! Today's post is about my current perfume collection.

Recently, I've been trying to organise my makeup and beauty products a little better but it is still definitely a work in progress! I finally got around to sorting out my fragrance collection. I created 3 different categories to organise my fragrances into. First of all I gathered together all of the perfumes and body sprays that were nearly empty and put them to one side to be used up first. You can see my blog post on my nearly used up fragrance collection here.

Next, I separated the remaining fragrances into a body spray collection and a perfume collection. There will also be a blog post on my body spray collection coming soon! But here is my perfume collection! There is also a video of my Perfume Collection here.

My Perfume Collection February 2013
My Perfume Collection February 2013

Perfume collection Clockwise from top left:

Story Of Lilly; So... eternal; Just Pink (Next); Incandessence (Avon);
Eternal Magic (Avon); Charlie Enchant; Charlie Pink; Charlie Black; Far Away (Avon) X Factor Day Dream; Umbro Girl Sport Exceed; Florame Eau De Patchouli and Florame Eua De Neroli. 

Hanna x

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