Bionsen Deodorant Reveiw

Bionsen Roll On and Pump Spray Deodorants.

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Today's post is a review of a couple of truly unique deodorants. 

I bought my first Bionsen Roll On deodorant many months ago now and have since repurchased it several times. Initially, I wanted to try the Bionsen Deodorants because they were the only deodorant I had found that was aluminium and paraben free. I also wanted to try a deodorant that actively neutralizes body odor rather than simply masking it.

 Recently, Bionsen sent me a couple of their deodorants to try for review. I was already familiar with the roll on deodorant but couldn't wait to try the pump spray deodorant. 

The first thing to understand about Bionsen deodorants is that they provide deodorization through the neutralization of odors and contain a light fragrance without preventing perspiration. If used alone, this product will not keep your underarms dry as it does not contain any ingredients that block perspiration. 

The vast majority of deodorants available today are actually antiperspirant style deodorants. Aluminium is usually a key ingredient in most antiperspirant deodorants. The aluminium particles are used to block the pores in your underarms to create a barrier layer and thus reduce perspiration. Some people may find that they experience irritation and allergic reactions to these aluminium particles. Research has also suggested a possible negative impact on health from the chemicals found in aluminum and parabens. Research in this area is currently ongoing. 

Bionsen Roll On and Pump Spray Deodorants.
One of the things I have come to appreciate most about the Bionsen Deodorants is their superb deodorizing capabilities. Bionsen really does keep me smelling fresh all day

The Bionsen philosophy is to 'Respect the body's right to cool down and detoxify naturally, which means avoiding any chemicals that interfere with this process by blocking pores'. I love this philosophy but it can be difficult to live by in real life. If like me, you've become a little dependent on the use of antiperspirants, I believe there is still a way to utilize the benefits of Bionsen.

During the colder months of the year or when i'm wearing darker clothing, Bionsen alone is often enough for me. But when I'm wearing lighter colored clothing and especially in warmer weather, I find that using a Bionsen deodorant alone isn't an option for me. I sometimes layer Bionsen deodorant with a small amount of regular antiperspirant. When I require antiperspirant protection as well as deodorization, I simply apply the bionsen deodorant first, let it dry and then I lightly spritz over my underarms with a small amount of regular antiperspirant deodorant. I find that this way I use far less of the regular antiperspirant deodorant because I only need a little for the antiperspirant properties. Most regular deodorants mask odors with a strong fragrance but the effects aren't usually very long lasting. Bionsen deodorants are different because they actively neutralize odors and keep you smelling fresher for longer. 

I usually purchase my Bionsen deodorants from Asda but they are also available from Boots and
The Bionsen Roll-On (£2.35) and Pump Spray (£2.75) have also just been made available to buy from Morrisons Stores across the UK. 

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Top Tips: Bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) has odor neutralizing and moisture absorbing properties and can be used as a deodorant but, it is white and messy! Talc is also an alternative to antiperspirant deodorant but again, not always practical to use.  

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