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Well here I am with my first ever blog giveaway courtesy of the lovely people at Betrousse!

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Betrousse Fairy Box
I was absolutely thrilled to discover Betrousse recently. They are an exciting new development in the world of beauty boxes. This is because Betrousse currently offer us what no other beauty box provider is doing at the moment: a subscription free service and all full size products! I was delighted when they sent me a Fairy Beauty Box to review and they have also kindly offered me another one to giveaway to one of you lucky people!

The Betrousse 'Fairy' box contains an incredible 7 full size products with a total value of £97. However, the cost of the Betrousse 'Fairy' box is only £19 plus shipping. Betrousse currently have 7 different themed beauty boxes to choose from on their website, all containing full size products and available for one off purchase when ever you want, with no subscription necessary. 

Betrousse Fairy Box
Betrousse are already very popular in France, in fact they are the leading beauty box provider. Betrousse have only just recently launched their unique beauty box concept here in the UK and I don't think it could have come at a better time because I think a lot of people are looking for something different like this. 

I really like the fact that there are brands and products in the Betrousse 'Fairy' box that I have never heard of before. I think this is what beauty boxes should be about, discovering great new brands and products. It's also quite nice that they have included a few familiar brand names in the box as well, such as Skinetica  and Montagne Jeunesse. 

I can't help but think that there is a touch of fairy dust in this Betrousse box and I'm also hoping that some of that famous french sophistication and glamour rubs off on me with all the wonderful products in this Betrousse 'Fairy' Beauty Box!

 So with out further ado, lets get onto the review! 

Betrousse Fairy Beauty Box Review

Hydra Cream Expert 
50 ml
£ 34

This cream has a certain luxurious look and feel to it, not surprising really given the recommended retail price. The packaging is beautiful, a weighty matte glass jar with a chunky screw lid but of course it's the cream inside that really matters! The cream inside is decadence defined - rich, creamy and delicate. It has a very light fragrance but it's not perfumed. Despite the richness of the formula, it absorbs quickly and is non greasy. It is so moisturizing and nourishing, a brilliant product to be included in the box as it's wonderful to try some high end skin care products without the price tag.  

TurboSlim ChronoActiv 
28 Tablets 

FORTE PHARMA UK TurboSlim ChronoActiv 
Perhaps surprisingly and even a little controversially, the second most expensive item to be included in this box is a two week supply of slimming pills. Although I have no desire to try these myself, I've no doubt that these will appeal to a lot of people out there. These tablets are widely available to buy in the UK and are even sold by major drug store retailers Boots and Superdrug, so they are obviously a popular brand and product. I think it's also important to consider that when you purchase a Betrousse beauty box online, you can see exactly what you will get in the box prior to purchasing, so if slimming pills in a beauty box bothers you, you can always simply select another one of their themed boxes which doesn't contain slimming pills. I understand why some people may be upset about the inclusion of such an item within a beauty box, as if it's suggesting we have to be slim to be beautiful, but I think almost all of us know that is nonsense. There are many truly beautiful people around who are not slim. Like it or not, lots of women (and men) do aspire to be slimmer than what they currently are and slimming pills have become a desirable product for people wanting to loose weight. I think this is why they were included in the box. 

Bath & Massage oil "Oriental Scents"
150 ml

CHARME D'ORIENT Bath & Massage oil "Oriental Scents"
This is a beautifully perfumed oil that can be used on the face, body or in the bath. The formula is gentle on skin and alcohol free. This oil is perfect for a luxurious and relaxing body massage and smells so beautiful that it can even be used as a perfume. It's very moisturizing and for an oil it absorbs into the skin amazingly well without leaving a greasy residue. I'm a big fan of sweet oriental scents and I have to say that I adore this multi-functional oil.

100 ml

SKINETICA Anti-Blemish 100 ml £9.99
This is a product I have seen many a beauty blogger rave about. It is completely free from any of the harsh chemicals regularly found in skin care products such as benzoyl peroxide, sulphur and salicylic acid. It has a light, almost minty or cucumber like fragrance that is very refreshing. It's very easy to use, simply apply some of the solution to a cotton pad and gently wipe this over clean skin, then leave it to dry before applying your moisturiser as usual. You repeat this every morning and night and should see results fairly quickly as the formula is fast acting. I have very pale skin so red blemishes from where spots have been or from where I've had a patch of dry skin can become very apparent against my fair skin. I have quite high hopes for this product and think it was a great choice to be included in the box. I'll probably do a full review on this product once I have thoroughly tried it out. 

Betrousse Tattoo
2 Tattyoo per set 

TATTYOO Betrousse Tattoo
I think that the Betrousse Tattoos are quite a cute item to be included in the box, but undoubtedly it is a little bit random and perhaps slightly odd. Sadly, I don't really see an occasion for me to show off these little beauties any time soon and I do seem to remember growing out of wearing temporary tattoos when I was about 10. Perhaps the significance here is metaphorical, rather than literal; we're all gonna love the Betrousse concept so much that we'll want to tattoo their name on ourselves forever!

Glacial Clay Spa Face Mask
1 Mask

MONTAGNE JEUNESSE Glacial Clay Spa Face Mask
I'm really excited about this face mask because I absolutely adore the regular Montagne Jeunesse single use face masks. I've tried several of the peel off and wash off ones from them previously. But I've never yet tried a cloth face mask, as these are a new addition to their range, so this will be interesting! As with all Montangne Jeunesse products, this face mask is animal cruelty free and vegetarian friendly. I'll be posting a full review of this on my regular 'Face Mask Friday' blog mini series once I've tried it.

Cracking Nail Polish
14 ml

SAFFRON LONDON Cracking Nail Polish

SAFFRON LONDON Cracking Nail Polish
I wasn't actually expecting a great deal from this nail polish as I have been left feeling disappointed by crackle nail polishes in the past. However, this one is actually very good and a real bargain for £0.75! The formula is nice, not too gloopy or too runny. The brush is long and wide, making it easy to work with. And most importantly, the crackle effect it gives is really nice. The only downside to this product is the slightly crummy packaging, but please don't let that put you off because there is a reason why this product has been included in the box: because it's a really nice product!  

Betrousse Fairy Box

So, if you like the look of this Betrousse Fairy Beauty Box, you're in luck because you could be in with the chance of winning one yourself if you enter this giveaway! It's really simple, just enter using the Rafflecopter form at the top of this page!

Thanks for popping by my little blog today and good luck to everyone entering!

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