Beauty Q & A with Sarah O'Hara

Hi Beauties,

Today's blog post features a beauty focused interview with the lovely Sarah O'Hara from The Beauty Project Blog and The Beauty Project YouTube Channel

I asked her fifteen beauty related questions via email and she has sent back some really superb answers so, lets get on to the interesting part now shall we!

Q). Can you remember the first makeup item you ever bought and how old you were when you bought it?

A). - I think it must have been my Technic Train Case, I think I was in
middle school so I was about 12 or 13.

Q). How often do you wear makeup?

A). - Recently I've only been wearing it to work, so about 4-5 times per week.

3). Which is the most important to you: Skincare or Makeup?

A). - It used to be makeup, but last year I turned 30 and took a bit more
interest in my skincare routine, especially around my eyes

 Q). Do you prefer high end (expensive) or high street / drugstore
(inexpensive) makeup?

A). - Definitely drugstore / high street makeup, I don't have the budget
for high end and can't see paying high prices for something I'm going
to use up and throw away.

Q). What is your favorite inexpensive beauty product / brand?

A). - Been loving MUA products, first beauty line I tried when I came to the UK.

Q). Do you have any high end beauty brands or products that you think
are truly worth splurging on?

A). - I do not own any high end products, but if I did have the money to
splurge on one or two I think I would invest in some good quality
makeup brushes. Maybe a Sigma brush set or something similar.

Q). What has been your most repurchased beauty product / brand?

A). - I actually haven't had to repurchase a lot of products, but I would
have to say that most of my beauty products come from MUA.

Q). What have been some of your best bargain beauty finds recently?

A). - MUA has a 3 for 2 sale going on, where I picked up a mascara,
concealer, and bronzer for a fiver.

Q). What are your favorite places to shop for makeup / beauty products?

A). -Superdrug and Boots, I have beauty cards :)

Q). Have you ever been troubled by any moral / ethical considerations
with regards to makeup?

A). - I wouldn't say troubled... but I do attempt to buy cruelty free when I can.

Q). How do you feel about the current trend towards more 'airbrushed'
and 'plastic' beauty aesthetics?

A). - They're not real, it's not natural. A woman looks her best when she
is herself.

Q). What does makeup mean to you personally?

A). - Mostly it's just something fun to play with. I've always had a
creative streak since I was young and this is just another way to
express it.

Q). What brought you to the world of beauty blogging / vlogging?

A). - I've blogged since 2003, so blogging isn't anything new, but one day
I pulled out my stash of nail polish and decided that I should use it
before it got old. In the process of looking up new ideas I found the
world of beauty blogging and wanted to join and show what I did with
my nail polish. It just snowballed from there.

Q). If you could change one thing about the online beauty community,
what would it be?

A). - Disclaimers. Apparently we can't do anything without saying 'I
bought this or this was given to me, or I'm not bragging'. Its a bit
rubbish that we have to justify ourselves every five minutes.

Q). If you could wave a magic wand and instantly make one makeup item
magically appear in your hand right now without going out and buying
it, what would it be?

A). - Oh, it would have to be an eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay, hands
down. Probably something like their Ammo Palette, or Naked Basics

Thanks so much to Sarah for taking part and providing some really great answers. 

If you're interested in featuring in a blog post like this one, please feel free to drop me an email at: missbeautysaverblog[at]gmail[dot]com.

Have a lovely day wherever you are and whatever you're doing! 

Hanna Rose a.k.a Miss Beauty Saver xoxox