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Today’s post is a mini review of the Into Glamour Impulse body spray which I have recently finished. The fragrance was originally released in 2010 and was promoted by glamorous British girl group the Saturdays.

I’ve always really enjoyed using Impulse body sprays and there’s something about them that reminds me of my teenage years.  However, I’m now in my mid twenties and still enjoy using Impulse body sprays from time to time.  This is because they smell so lovely.  I am yet to find an Impulse body spray that I don’t like. The Impulse cans are also well designed with a little twisty bit at the top instead of a lid.

Here’s what the Impulse Into Glamour body spray has to say for itself on the back of the can:

“Let yourself fall for impulse into glamour.  A blend of exotic oriental scents and citrus notes that will leave you subtly and exquisitely perfumed.  Spray it all over your body and enjoy its captivating scent!”

This Impulse Into Glamour body spray is a delight to use.  I find the scent immediately uplifting and the mixture of oriental and citrus fragrance is perhaps surprisingly a truly beautiful combination. The scent is actually very powerful for body spray however, as with most body sprays and indeed some perfumes, the scent isn't necessarily super long lasting. But for the initial euphoria of their beautiful fragrances and the relatively decent staying power, I really do think that impulse body sprays are perhaps the best body sprays I have come across so far.  If you feel like treating yourself to a little something on a budget, Impulse body sprays are in my opinion at least, always a good choice.

Do you use perfumes or body sprays and if so, what’s your favorite fragrance?

I hope you are all doing very well and are having a wonderful day wherever you are.

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