Review: Sanctuary Spa Body Wash (£5.50)

Sanctuary Spa Body Wash 

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Today's post is a review of the Sanctuary Spa Body Wash. This product costs around £5.50 for a 250 ml bottle, so I would personally consider this product to be more of a indulgent treat rather than an everyday necessity!

 With all Sanctuary products being marketed as 'Spa' type products, it's perhaps little surprise that the cost of Sanctuary products is slightly higher than your typical shower gel. Although, it's still not exactly a high end price tag, as a 200 ml REN body wash will set you back a whopping £17.00! (I'm feeling a little faint just thinking about this! :-p)

I actually bought this Sanctuary Spa Body Wash as part of a Christmas gift set during the January sales, so it was purchased for a cheaper than usual price. Also, Sanctuary Spa products can often be found on a 3-4-2 special offer in shops like Boots, which would definitely make this body wash a little more affordable. 

Here's what this body wash has to say for itself: 

'At our luxurious ladies day spa in London's Convent Garden, we have created a wonderfully indulgent range of Spa bath and body treatments to help you to create a pampering spa experience at home.
Take time for yourself.

This aromatic body wash, infused with essential oils and spices gently cleanses and conditions whilst moisturising capsules of sesame oil and jojoba burst on the skin to help leave it feeling soft, silky smooth and subtly scented'. 

Wow, with all this product hype, it certainly appears as though Sanctuary Spa is selling an entire home spa experience rather than just a simple body wash! The reality is that this may be a product that you use as you are quickly taking a bath/shower shower before getting ready to go out somewhere but I feel that this product is more suited to being used as a relaxing evening product, where you can take time out to fully appreciate it.  

I love the sound of the 'moisturising capsules bursting on the skin', but I honestly didn't notice anything quite as spectacular happening when using this product! It is however, a very lovely product and does leave your skin feeling soft and beautifully fragrant. It's very gentle on the skin and doesn't dry mine out at all. Also, a little does go quite a long way but due to the lack of lots of bubbles and lather, it can sometimes feel like you need to use more product than what you actually do. 

I do really like the Sanctuary Spa signature scent, it's fairly oriental and musky smelling. I also find that this scent does help to lift my mood as it's very invigorating and relaxing at the same time.

I'm really glad that I've tried this product and I do know a lot of people rate it very highly. I do really like it and will more than likely re-purchase it again at some point in the (quite distant) future. But in the mean time, I've got a fair few everyday budget type shower gels in my stash that need some love! 

Sanctuary Spa Body Wash 

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