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Beauty Boxes Brushes
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This post is a review of the Beauty Boxes Professional Makeup Brush Range. 

The Beauty Boxes range of make-up brushes are truly professional quality. I've noticed that there are lot's of make-up brushes on the market that are advertised as 'professional' but sometimes they just don't live up to that claim. I have even seen make-up brushes in Pound Shops claiming to be 'professional', which seems a little unlikely in my opinion! 

All of this confusion can make finding affordable and good quality make-up brushes very difficult. Perhaps that's why well known make-up brush ranges like Sigma and Mac are so popular because people know they can rely on their quality. However, there are some lesser known alternatives out there that are still very high quality but a little more affordable. I was so pleased to recently discover that here in the UK, we have a fantastic and well established little company offering a beautiful range of high quality make-up brushes at very reasonable prices. And as a bonus, all items also have fast and free UK delivery!

Beauty Boxes Professional Makeup Brush Set
I have had the full range of Beauty Boxes Professional Makeup Brushes for quite a few months now and they are definitely my most used and favourite make-up brushes that I've ever tried! In my opinion, using quality brushes really helps to enhance the look of finished make-up on your face. These brushes are a good long term investment as they enable you to get the most out of your make-up products and if they are carefully looked after they should last for many, many years to come.

The Beauty Boxes Professional Set of Make-up Brushes are made with natural hair, as are most high end make-up brushes. 

Beauty Boxes Professional Makeup Brush Set

Professional set of makeup Brushes (£71.45)

This is a professional set of 9 makeup brushes and one powder puff. The set contains a good variety of essential face and eye brushes all presented in a lovely faux leather case.  This makes it great for both storage and travel purposes alike.

Beauty Boxes Professional Make-up Brush Set

1). The powder puff is excellent quality, its super soft and so different to any other powder puff I've ever used.  It’s got a handy little ribbon on the back so you can easily hold it in your hand. If you have oily or combination skin, use this puff to press and roll loose powder all over your face for a super long lasting make-up finish.

2).The first brush in the set is a Beauty-Boxes 903 finishing brush. This is a gorgeous dual fibre brush which is perfect for blending out your make up to create a more natural look. I really like to use this in either small circular motions or up and down motions to really blend out my blusher, bronzer and highlighter. This brush is also a great choice for lightly touching up make-up with a little powder throughout the day. If you are a little heavy handed when applying blush, use this brush to lightly stipple on the blush to your cheeks and create a more natural rosy glow.

3). The next brush in this set is the 901 Beauty-Boxes 901 Bronzer Brush.  This is a beautifully tapered brush which reminds me of some of the tulip shaped brushes that have become very popular at the moment. This brush makes applying bronzer exactly where you want it easy.  It’s a versatile brush that can be used to contour anywhere on your face, from your jawbone right up to your temples.  It’s also a good brush to use when applying powder blushers and highlighters. If you like the Kim Kardashian sculpted cheekbone look, you will love this brush!

4). The Beauty Boxes 905 Foundation brush is made from three different materials and it is definitely the best paddle foundation brush I have ever used. I really like the seamless results this brush gives as it blends out the foundation and creates a second skin effect. 

5). The Beauty Boxes 907 Large Lay down Brush is perfect for applying those base eye shadow colours. I also like to use this for my brow bone and nose highlight. 

6). The Beauty Boxes 909 Sheer Application Brush is a great brush for slightly more detailed eye shadow work. It's really soft which makes it perfect for using on the delicate eye area as you should always avoid dragging or pulling skin around the eye area.

7). The Beauty Boxes 911 Tapered Blending Brush is a perfect tapered blending brush. Use this to blend out any harsh lines so that you eye shadow looks seamless and flawless. Blending out eye shadow can help you reach a new level in eye shadow application. This brush really helps to make bold eye shadow looks come together. Use it either in small left to right or circular motions to blend out colours across the lid and crease. 

8). The Beauty Boxes 913 Smudge Brush is a good choice if you like smoky eyes. You can use this to create a nice smoky eye look if you smudge out any pencil eye-liner and eye shadow around your eyes. 

9). The Beauty Boxes 915 Angled Eye-liner Brush is a great choice for applying gel eye-liner with. It can also be used with a powder (or eye-shadow) to fill in eyebrows. If you need to tidy up lipstick, you can go around the outer edges of your lips with this brush and a dab of concealer. 

10). The Beauty Boxes Ultra Fine Eye-liner Brush 917 is a great little brush for applying gel and liquid eye-liner with. It also makes a great lip brush too!

Beauty Boxes Kabuki Brush and Pouch

Beauty Boxes Kabuki Brush 8603 and pouch (£29.95) is perfect for any touch ups on the go. It's a super cute little kabuki brush which fits perfectly into this cute little pouch. This is a great compact brush to pop in your handbag everyday or pop this in your suitcase if you are going on holiday.

Beauty Boxes Powder Brush, Angled Contour Brush & Flat Powder Brush

Beauty Boxes 923 Powder Brush (£27.95) is so incredibly soft and fluffy. It's ideal for dusting on pressed or loose powder to set foundation or touch up your make-up throughout the day. 

Beauty Boxes 925 Angled Contour Brush (£19.45) is perfect for sculpting and defining bone structure. Use  powder with blush, bronzer or highlighter to create further definition and shape to your face. 

Beauty Boxes 927 Flat Powder Brush (£25.45) is perfect for applying those mineral powder foundations with. I also think that this brush is good for buffing or pressing powder into your skin to set foundation. You can gently press the brush it into the skin to really set foundation or use small circular motions to buff out and blend in foundation / powder. 

I really love the full Beauty Boxes professional make-up brush range. The set is a great little kit and contains all of the essentials you need to get started. The individual brushes are really excellent for expanding on the basics and considering the years of usage you can get from them, they are a very worthwhile purchase in my opinion. I think that these brushes have helped me to get better results from my regular make-up. This is important  to me as a lot of my make-up collection consists of high street / drug store type products. Inexpensive products can sometimes require a little extra care when applying to look their best and stay on all day; and of course, having the right tools for the job always helps! If you have some of the best make-up in the world but you don't have the right tools, it will be difficult to achieve the best results with your make-up. 

Do you have a favourite brand of make-up brushes? Let me know in the comments below :-)

Hanna Rose a.k.a Miss Beauty Saver xox

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