Ooh, Look What I Won! :-)

Hi lovelies,

I'm really excited to bring you this post today as I can't wait to show you all the beautiful goodies I recently won from the lovely Sarah Boast in her latest blog give-away. 

The Prize Package
I only found out that I had won these lovely goodies on Tuesday (14/07/2013) and already by today (Saturday), they had arrived! It actually felt a bit like Christmas or my birthday because I was so excited and when I opened the outer package I revealed this cute and beautifully presented little inner package!  

When I opened it all up, all of the contents were in perfect condition and the sleep rollers particularly caught my attention immediately because they seem so comfy and soft, just perfect for sleeping in. The last time I tried to sleep with rollers in my hair, it was a very, very uncomfortable night's sleep so I am just dying to try these out!

The vintage eyelash curler looks like it's great quality and should hopefully give me the most fluttery eyelashes ever! ;-)

My hair is pretty dry at the moment thanks to chemically treating it to achieve it's current blonde colour and all this sun hasn't helped, so the Phil Smith SOS Rescue Shampoo is much needed and appreciated. Hopefully it will give my hair all the TLC it needs. 

I love a good little read and the 'Pear Shaped' novel by Stella Newman looks like a really relaxing summer read, perfect for de-stressing with in the garden on a sunny day!

I love Bed Head hair products but I do find them a little pricey for my budget so I can't wait to try the little sample sachets to see if any are worth me splurging on a full size product from the line.

The limited edition after earth t-shirt is quite a nice little piece of film memorabilia, but I have to say that there is nothing I like more than a nice big comfy t-shirt to lounge around in or sleep in so I feel like this will be perfect for that! 

The goodies!

I hope you enjoyed having a little peak at what I won. Don't forget to check out Sarah's lovely little blog here as she has loads of great posts on beauty, fashion, films and books.

Are you currently running a give-away or have you won a givea-way recently? Let me know in the comments below. x

Hanna Rose a.k.a Miss Beauty Saver :-)