10p Magnetic Glitter and Foil Bookmarks from Homebargains!

Glitter and Foil The Art File Magnetic Bookmarks - 10p in Homebargains

If you like a bargain, a good book and something pretty to look at, these beautiful magnetic bookmarks may appeal to you as much as they do me! 

I picked these up from Homebargains in the stationary section and they were only 10p each! They're made by a classy company called The Art File and are just so pretty and practical.

I have to admit, at first I wasn't entirely sure what a magnetic bookmark actually did! But I picked these up anyway and when I got home I was pleasantly surprised when the penny dropped and I realised how these actually work! The bookmark can be opened out and folded over the page you want to keep. Then the two magnets at the bottom stick together at either side of the page and this way you can be sure to never loose a page again because your bookmark will never drop out! 

I really love these and I'd definitely 
recommend picking some up if you can find them as it's not very often you can buy something so pretty and practical for just 10p! 

Do you ever shop in Homebargains or do you have a favourite discount store near you where you can find great bargains?

Hanna Rose aka Miss Beauty saver xoxox

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