House of Fraser Outlet Corsa di Borse BARGAIN Genuine Leather Purse

What do you think to this little gem? Do you like it? Can you believe it only cost me a mere £1.25

There are some real bargains to be had at the moment as many shops reduce old stock to make make for the new season Autumn/Winter lines.

I was so excited to find this dinky little purse in a House of Fraser Outlet store recently as I think it is an absolute steal! At £2.50, it already seemed super cheap. But what was even better was that all purses/wallets were on a buy-one-get-one-half price promotion as well. My boyfriend was buying a wallet anyway so I spotted this cute purse and simply couldn't believe it when it ended up costing only £1.25p in the end! I thought £2.50 was totally amazing and I managed to get an extra 50% off the already heavily discounted sale price by utilising the additional promotional offer! 

Have you been a Savvy Shopper recently and picked up any super sweet deals?

Miss Beauty Saver a.k.a Hanna Rose xoxox

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