APIVITA Lip Care with Pomegranate, Beeswax & Olive Oil

APIVITA Lip Care with Pomegranate, Beeswax & Olive Oil

Welcome to this product review post featuring APIVITA Lip Care with Pomegranate, Beeswax & Olive Oil. 

 So today we're going to be talking lip balm and Whoa, what a lip balm! 

First of all, here's a little info about the brand behind the balm! ;-) 
APIVITA is a Greek company that has been creating all natural health and beauty products since 1979. Today, APIVITA is available in over 11 countries across the world.

You may have already spotted APIVITA in your local M & S Beauty Hall. APIVITA are a quality brand and are perhaps best know for their face masks which are already becoming fairly legendary among beauty bloggers and beauty lovers alike.  

I think that when talking about lip balm, it's kinda important to differentiate between the two main types of lip balm on offer and the best ways to use each type. 

The most common kind of lip balm is the type that acts primarily like a barrier layer on the lips to shield and protect the delicate lip skin from any of the harmful and drying effects from the environment such as cold, sun, wind, heat, etc. This kind of lip protection can be really useful at times but sadly, and perhaps contrary to what a lot of people believe, this kind of lip balm isn't usually very moisturising. In fact, some can even be a little drying on the lips as they actively seal moisture out. The second kind of lip balm is more of a rarity; it's the kind that is primarily very moisturising. The APIVITA Lip Care with Pomegranate, Beeswax & Olive Oil is a moisturising and hydrating lip balm that will stop your from lips from drying out and keep them well conditioned.

 This product should really come with a little halo floating around it's lid as it's just that virtuous! And here's why:

- 98% Natural Ingredients
- Paraben Free 
- Silicone Free
- Mineral Oil Free 

Now we know all the nasties that it doesn't have in it, lets see some of the good stuff it's actually made with:

- Pomegranate Oil
- Organic Beeswax
Organic Olive Oil
-Organic Shea Butter
-Vitamins C, E & F
- Cocoa Butter, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Geranium Essential Oil & Jojoba Esters 

APIVITA Lip Care with Pomegranate, Beeswax & Olive Oil is a tinted balm with surprisingly good colour pay-off. You can use just a tiny slick of this for hydration and subtle shine or you can apply a few coats for a beautiful veneer of irresistible plummy goodness. Another thing that I've noticed when using the APIVITA Lip Care with Pomegranate, Beeswax & Olive Oil is that I don't need to reapply it all the time like I do with some other lip balms.  

APIVITA Lip Care with Pomegranate, Beeswax & Olive Oil retails for £5, which is a little bit pricer than the average lip balm, but this is more than just an average lip balm!

If you like premium quality, natural lip care, this lip balm may well be one for you!

APIVITA Lip Care with Pomegranate is available online from M & S here

What's your 'go to' lip balm at the moment?

Miss Beauty Saver aka Hanna Rose xoxox

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