Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Haircare Range

Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Haircare Range

I've been a faux blonde once again for approaching 18 months now and it's fair to say that during this time, my hair has had to take quite a lot of abuse! It's been highlighted, bleached, toned, blow dried and straightened to within an inch of it's life! And to top it all, I've also grown my hair from a very short bob to beyond shoulder length so those 'oh so important' regular little trims have become a little less frequent too! After all of this, my hair has been left very much in need of a little TLC and the Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde range has been a bit of a live saver!

A little background: My Blonde Hair (sob) story

At one point earlier this year, things were looking quite bleak for my hair and I was considering ditching the blonde altogether and chopping off at least 3 - 4 inches of the dry, straw like mid-lengths and ends. But before I took such drastic action I decided to see if I could do anything to save my hair and I'm pleased to say things are looking a lot brighter now (pardon the pun!)

The first thing I did to help try and improve the condition of my hair was to ditch the daily use of my hair straighteners. The pair I have are fairly basic and quite old now so I'm not sure they were doing my hair much good at all. Also, where possible I started leaving my hair to air dry naturally. I was also pleased to receive the Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Haircare Range to try and review around this time. I knew that my ravaged hair would definitely give the range a run for it's money but I was definitely hoping that it would do something to help my hair back on the road to recovery and especially as the range is not cheap, I really wanted to see some tangible results. And I'm pleased to say that I wasn't disappointed! :-)
About Paul Mitchell Haircare

Paul Mitchell is a professional salon haircare brand notable for their high quality products and their ethical approach. They are completely cruelty free and very involved in campaigning to put an end to animal testing. 

About the Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Range

The Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Haircare Range is an innovative three part cleanse, condition and repair system that is specially designed to keep blonde hair looking good. The range consists of the the Forever Blonde Shampoo, Forever Blonde Conditioner and Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair leave-in treatment spray.

Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Shampoo: SLS Free!
(250 ml RRP £14.95)

The Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Shampoo is SLS-free (sodium Lauryl sulfate / sodium laureth sulfate free). Sulfates / sulphates are usually some of the primary ingredients in almost all shampoos, shower gels, face washes, hand washes, etc. Sulfates create the bubbles and lather that we're all so used to and they help to strip all of the dirt, oils and product build-up out of our hair and skin. The problem is that sulfates can be quite drying as they may strip away too many of our hair's own natural oils, often leaving it feeling coarse, brittle and dry. Some people can also develop a sensitivity to sulfates and they may have an allergic reaction causing dry, itchy, red, painful, inflamed or flaky skin. This is why more and more SLS-free products are becoming available these days. It's not just a clever marketing gimmick; I believe there is a real need and a real gap in the market for more SLS-free products, especially on our drugstore and supermarket shelves. 

Another brilliant thing about the Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Shampoo is that I would never have actually guessed that it was sulfate free from the way that it lathers up! There are plenty of bubbles and it really leaves my hair looking and feeling cleansed and conditioned. I also really enjoy the fact that even after shampooing alone, I can feel that this shampoo has left my hair feeling smooth and moisturised which I find is quite rare for a shampoo! This shampoo also has a slight purple pigment in it which is perfect for keeping hair looking bright and neutralising any orange / brassy tones! 

Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Conditioner 
(200 ml RRP £14.95)

The Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde conditioner feels wonderfully rich and it does a great job of smoothing the hair to make it look healthy and shiny (and shiny hair is a rare thing for blondes indeed!) I like to massage this into my hair, concentrating on my mid lengths and ends. Then I take a wide tooth shower comb and de-tangle my hair to make combing post hair wash a little easier! Despite the fact that this is a really rich conditioner, it doesn't weigh my hair down in the slightest but leaves it feeling soft, healthy and manageable

Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair Leave in Treatment
(150 ml RRP £14.95)

The Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair leave in treatment is perfect for spraying through damp hair to add a little further moisture and strength. I like to concentrate on the mid lengths and ends of my hair as they really need all of the moisture and strength they can get! I actually prefer to spray a few pumps of this into my hand and then work it through my hair rather than spraying directly on. This has quite a thick consistency and it feel like it is quite a rich treatment but it doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy or heavy at all. And what's more, I do think that the KerActive protein does do something to strengthen my super fine hair that is usually prone to a lot of breakage and split ends! 

Magic Ingredients 

It's not just what it doesn't have in it that stands out about the Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde haircare range. It contains an abundance of innovative and quality ingredients such as KerActive Protein and Macadamia Nut Oil. The entire Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde haircare system contains KerActive repair which is a protein ingredient that coats every strand of hair to strengthen and prevent breakage. When hair feels weak and brittle it may not just be moisture that it is lacking, protein is also an essential ingredient for maintaining strong, healthy hair. The Shampoo also contains safflower oleosomes to moisturise hair and botanicals including turmeric, chamomile and lemon peel to keep blonde hair looking bright. The conditioner contains a variety of rich conditioners including safflower oleosomes and macadamia nut oil. The Dramatic Repair leave-in treatment spray also contains safflower oleosomes and macadamia nut oil to strengthen and smooth hair.


Overall, I have been really impressed with the Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair Range. I've not tried many Salon Haircare ranges before as I usually purchase relatively inexpensive haircare products but I do remember really loving the TIGI Oatmeal and Honey shampoo and Conditioner (now sadly discontinued) and the Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Range easily surpasses that! I also recently purchased a professional Wella haircare system from my hair salon so I'm looking forward to seeing how well that compares to this range too. 

I'm still a lover of cheaper haircare ranges and I've really been enjoying the Dove Nourishing Oil Care range recently too but if your hair is having a really bad time then it may well be worth considering investing in some better in quality products from time to time. I've also noticed that these products have lasted a lot longer than usual and I think this is because you only need to use a very small amount of product which actually makes them more cost effective in some ways than regular shampoos and conditioners.



The Paul Mitchell Forever blonde range is available from Salons and online from Look Fantastic. For more info, you can check out the Paul Mitchell UK Website :-)

Have you ever tried anything from Paul Mitchell? What's your favourite haircare range at the moment?

Miss Beauty Saver aka Hanna Rose xox 

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