Murine Refresh and Sooth Eye Mist

Murine Refresh and Soothe Eye Mist  
 Well, it's definitely that time of year again ladies and gentlemen! And as much as there are so many amazing things to love about Autumn/Winter (deep autumnal shades, snugly clothes and Christmas to name but just a few of my personal favorites) there are also a few down sides to this time of year. But thankfully for me, dry and irritated eyes shouldn't be one of them from now on!

One of my not so favorite things about this time of year is that disappointing feeling after having just spent a good deal of time applying my eye makeup neatly in preparation for venturing out somewhere. But once I'm out in the biting cold and windy weather, I soon find that my eyes will start running, causing my makeup to deteriorate significantly within minutes of leaving the house! After being outside in the cold, getting back indoors is always a relief and although the central heating may keep the cold at bay, it also seems to irritate and dry out my eyes even more. I've tried the traditional style of moisturizing eye drops before but boy are they difficult to apply! I usually miss my eye area altogether for the first few attempts and end up with more running down my face than in my eyes! I will also admit that I am a little squeamish about putting anything in my eye balls too!

Murine Refresh and Soothe Eye Mist
Thankfully, this year, I think things are going to be much better for my eyes. I recently tried the gold standard moisturizing eye mist from Murine and was really pleased to discover a new and better way to moisturize my dry eyes during the colder months of the year. The Murine Eye Mist is a really fine mist that you spray (quite bizarrely) onto closed eyelids. And then, it works it's magic! Because it's so fine, as you blink the tiny particles of the mist work their way quite naturally into your eyes without you even noticing until they feel fresher, soothed and less dry.

The Murine Refresh and Sooth Eye Mist is a really dinky 15ml size so it's easy to carry around yet it also contains enough product for over 300 sprays which is quite remarkable really. I've previously found that with some other traditional eye drops, they can expire just 4 weeks after opening which doesn't give you enough time to use them up but the Murine eye mist has a much longer life. (For instance, mine won't expire until May 2014).

You can use the eye mist whilst wearing water proof makeup and it will not only moisturize your eyes but also the skin surrounding the eye area. It's a non-sticky, odorless, alcohol free formula which contains chamomile to help calm and soothe. It also contains sodium Hyaluronate which is a recently hyped and super moisturizing ingredient.

Murine Refresh and Soothe Eye Mist

The Murine Refresh and Sooth Eye Mist is available for £9.99 from larger Tesco stores, Waitrose stores and independent pharmacies nationwide. If you want to find out more, you can visit the Murine website here. 
Overall, this may not be the most exciting or glamorous of products but it does what it's supposed to and really helps to relieve the discomfort of dry eyes. I think this will be one of my most reached for products over the coming Winter months. 

What products will you be reaching for most over Winter to combat the drying effects of the cold weather / central heating?  

Hanna Rose aka Miss Beauty Saver xox

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