Ooh, Look What I won (On Twitter!) #4: Busy Bee Candles Wax Tarts Selection Pack and Wax Tart Burner

Recently my old 'feature phone' contract ended and I upgraded to my first ever smart phone. I know, I'm VERY behind with the times! :-O But anyway, one of the first apps I downloaded onto my new smart phone was the Twitter app and being able to use Twitter away from my laptop was an absolute revelation! Almost immediately, I was spending a lot more time on Twitter via my phone app and I noticed that there were lots of giveaways popping up in my Twitter feed. When I saw the chance to enter a Busy Bee candle giveaway to win a mini selection pack of candles, I could resist giving them a cheeky little RT and follow to enter! I was totally amazed when I found out I'd won on New Years Day, it was such a lovely surprise! I didn't expect to win at all mainly because I thought that all Twitter comps must have thousands of entries. But I'm glad I didn't let that thought put me off...

 A few days later, a little package arrived and I tore into it like it was Christmas day all over again! Inside the package, there were several little 'candles' that didn't actually appear to have wicks so I was puzzled about how to go about burning them. There was also a blue 'wax' burner of some kind and some unscented tea lights. That was finally when the penny dropped and I realized that they were obviously wax tarts and not candles at all! This may have been a dumb blonde moment but I'd never properly seen a wax tart before, let alone did I have any idea about what to do with them or how to go about burning them! Thankfully, two minutes on Google soon changed all of that and I was super excited about this discovery as I have heard quite a few people rave about using wax tarts before on YouTube. 

I've not burnt any of these yet, (the hoarder in me wont allow it), but they do smell amazing! Before I burn them, I'm using them as fragrances for my drawers as I love opening a drawer and being hit with an amazing scent!

I'll definately be entering more Twitter comps in the future but my new phone has been having several technical problems of late and is being sent back and exchanged for another one as it is still covered by it's 28 day warranty. I really don't know how I will cope without one now though as I've fallen totally in love the functionality of smart phones! Hopefully, I'll be back using the Twitter app on my new phone again in no time. 

Have you ever won anything on Twitter before and would you know what to do with a wax tart?! Let me know in the comments below! 

Hanna Rose aka Miss Beauty Saver xox

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