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My Beauty Compare_Personalize Your Beauty
My Beauty Compare_Personalize Your Beauty
My Beauty Compare_The World's First Beauty Comparison Site
My Beauty Compare_The World's First Beauty Comparison Site

Review and Introduction to My Beauty

My Beauty Compare is basically a cross between an 'online beauty dating agency' and a price comparison website which specializes in joining women with their perfect beauty product partners. It's ideal for women looking for that special, new product in their life but who wants to be sure that a potential new pairing is complimentary before committing to a future together! I mean, just think of the financial implications if the match doesn't work out! 

The website is still being developed but it's already looking promising and could potentially revolutionize the way that we shop for beauty products.  

I found that getting started with My Beauty Compare was easy and (best of all) free!!! After registering, I took a short interactive beauty profile quiz which contained about 20 multiple choice questions and took me less than 5 minutes to complete. My answers were then collected and used to create a personal beauty biography. The website uses this 'beauty bio' data as it's basis for providing customized beauty product suggestions, according to what's most relevant for your own hair and skin type. 

My beauty compare could save you quite a bit of time if you don't want to spend hours researching what beauty products may be well suited to you or where you can purchase them from at the best price. All you need to do is simply register and take the quiz, then voila! My Beauty Compare will do the rest for you!

There is also an open forum for all My Beauty Compare members where you can chat to other like minded beauty loving individuals. You can also submit product reviews and read reviews that others have left. 

My Beauty Compare_The World's First Beauty Comparison Site with an Active Beauty Community
My Beauty Compare_ Has an Active Beauty Community
One of the main issues with a website such as this is keeping it up to date as there is a vast amount of information to continually collate and organize. It will be a challenge to keep price information up to date with real time price changes if there isn't an automated system for doing this. I've also noticed that on the information page of some products, their price comparison section is quite empty, having only one retail outlet listed so I would say that there is only limited price comparison functionality there at the moment. The product review section may also take a while to grow into anything substantial as it is dependent on user contributions. 

It's still quite early days in the website's development so undoubtedly there are a few technical errors that occur from time to time and areas with room for improvement but the concept behind this website is excellent and I really want to see it become all that it truly could be one day! I will certainly enjoy re-visiting this website next time I'm looking for a popular beauty product to try!

I think that My Beauty Compare provides an exciting online experience an it introduces creative solutions to some of the most challenging beauty shopping scenarios that we ladies face in this mindboggling age of modern beauty.   

What do you think of My Beauty Compare?

Hanna xox

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*Although I was contacted and asked to write a post about My Beauty Compare, I did not receive any money for doing so. As a thank you, I did receive two small drugstore products. But as ever, all opinions remain my own.