Derma V10 Hand & Nail Cream (Only £1!)

Derma V10 Anti Ageing Hand & Nail Cream Budget Review
Derma V10 Anti Ageing Hand & Nail Cream Budget Review

I think that most of us love a good bargain and I am certainly no exception to that rule! But for some people, the issue of quality, or potential lack of, can compromise the appeal of a super cheap deal. The old adage 'you get what you pay for' seems to ring true in many people's minds. 

But is cost always a reliable indication of how good or bad we can expect a product to be? Undoubtedly, the answer in many cases is no!

The Derma V10 hand and nail cream is a great example of a super inexpensive budget busting product that works wonderfully well and does exactly what it claims to do!

Review: Derma V10 Hand and Nail Cream 

The basics at a glance:

Packaging: Plastic squeeze tube with screw lid
Designed for: The hands / ageing skin
Consistency: A thick white cream
Scent: Beeswax & something else floral, I think!
Size: 75 ml
Price: £1
Available from: Poundland

The Derma V10 hand and nail cream has been repackaged and slightly reformulated since I originally purchased it. The older version, which I bought myself from Poundland, is in the yellow and black packaging. The new and improved version is in the yellow and white packaging and was kindly sent to me for review.

Derma V10 Anti Ageing Hand & Nail Cream with SPF 10 Only £1
Derma V10 Anti Ageing Hand & Nail Cream with SPF 10 Only £1
New Derma V10 Anti Ageing Hand & Nail Cream with SPF 10 Only £1
New Derma V10 Anti Ageing Hand & Nail Cream with SPF 10 Only £1
New Derma V10 Anti Ageing Hand & Nail Cream with SPF 10 Only £1 Swatch
New Derma V10 Anti Ageing Hand & Nail Cream with SPF 10 Only £1 Swatch
"Our Q10 Innovation Anti Ageing hand cream with beeswax and Vitamin E has been formulated to give ageing hands the care they need. The SPF 10 gives protection against the sun helping to prevent age spots and premature ageing. The combination of Beeswax and Vitamin E gives a rich formula which nourishes and enriches ageing skin leaving hands feeling soft and smooth".

This hand cream feels very nourishing and it's been keeping my hands very well moisturized over the winter months. Although my hands aren't especially dry, I do wash them a lot and in the past they have been prone to developing some quite nasty dry patches. However, this hasn't happened at all over the several months that I've been using this hand cream so I'd have to conclude that it does perform effectively on my skin.  

My favourite time of day to apply this cream is before bed as I always wake up with really soft hands in the morning after I've used this. If you have quite dry skin, you could use this hand cream as an overnight mask. Just apply it very thickly and then pop on a pair of cotton gloves so it can soak in and work it's magic over night. If you already have very dry skin or any broken and cracked skin on you hands, your probably better off using a fragrance free product that is specifically designed to help repair dry skin. I think that this is definitely more of a 'maintenance' rather than a 'repair' type of product.

I find that despite the rich formula, this cream does sink into my hands pretty quickly. There is a slight residue for a short period of time after applying but it doesn't leave my hands feeling greasy or slippy. I've also found that it conditions my cuticles and keeps my hangnails at bay a little more than usual. As for my nails, they are naturally very weak, brittle and prone to breaking / peeling. I haven't really noticed much, if any improvement in the condition of my nails while using this product but then again, I don't know of anything that has ever helped to improve my nails! I do also get lazy about massaging hand cream into my nails so that probably doesn't helped either!  

This hand cream is said to have Anti Aging properties which suggests that it is aimed at a more mature customer. However, they do say that prevention is better than a cure! As much as I hate to admit it, at 25 years old, now is actually a good time to start introducing some Anti Ageing products into my daily beauty routine.  
The inclusion of SPF 10 in this product is a great Anti Ageing ingredient in itself and something I really appreciate as it's actually quite rare for a hand cream to contain any sun protection at all. But I mean, consider this: you could do a really good job of looking after the skin on your face all your life by using lots of products with spf in but your hands may still giveaway your true age if they're left neglected in the spf department! There is little more harmful & ageing for our skin than the long term effects of sun damage.

Like all of the other Derma V10 products I've previously tried, this one isn't tested on animals either!

Hanna xox

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