Review I Beanies Instant Coffee Flavours

Beanies Instant Coffee Review
Beanies Instant Coffee Review
So I'm a bit of a coffee lover but I don't own a coffee machine and I'm too lazy to be grinding up fresh coffee beans while I'm still half asleep and in need of an instant morning caffeine hit! Perhaps this does put me in the relatively unsophisticated category of 'instant coffee drinker' but finding interesting and sophisticated instant coffee is no easy task!

I was recently introduced to Beanies instant coffee and it's just the sort of coffee I've needed in my life for a while!

  Beanies instant coffee comes in cute 50 g jars that retail for £2.50 each at Sainsburys. There's no question that this is premium coffee but the fun branding and quirky flavours make it feel quite unpretentious and the price point is very reasonable too. I can get at least 15 cups of coffee from every one 50 g jar which at 17 p per cup, is a lot less expensive than coffee from a coffee shop. I really like popping some of this into a travel mug before going out so that I have something lovely and caffeinated to enjoy on my journey without making a costly coffee shop pit stop!  

The basics at a glance:

Packaging: Glass jar with plastic screw lid
Consistency: Freeze dried granules
Size: 50 g
Price: £2.50
Available from: Beanies Coffee Online & Sainsburys

One thing I really love about Beanies coffee is the beautiful, rich aroma which emanates from the jar as soon as the lid is unscrewed. Another thing I really love is that they taste like a real treat with all the mouthwatering sweet flavours but they actually contain less than two calories per cup!

The flavours I've tried so far are: Amaretto, Irish Cream, Ginger Bread and Double Chocolate. My favourites are probably Amaretto closely followed by Irish Cream. Ginger bread tastes so much like ginger bread biscuits it's unreal and the chocolate one is lovely too and goes down a treat with a few chocolate biscuits!

Beanies Instant Coffee Review
Beanies Instant Coffee Review

I've really been enjoying Beanies coffee and I'm looking forward to trying more flavours from the range. 

Are you hooked on a morning coffee?

Hanna x

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