Fragrance Layering I Lily of the Valley

Fragrance Layering_Lily of the Valley
Fragrance Layering_Lily of the Valley

 Summer is a naturally fragrant season and I've been happily getting back to basics and indulging my senses with some classic ladylike scents! 

I've been enjoying discovering the hidden beauty in some of the more traditional fragrances that have lost popularity in recent times but that were no doubt once considered to be the 'must have' perfumes for ladies.

Over the recent summer months, I've used up an entire 30 ml bottle of L'aimant perfume which is a classic floral fragrance created in 1927 and I'm have also been enjoying working my way through a 50 ml bottle of Yardley's signature fragrance: English lavender.

Lily Of The Valley is my new fragrance love and it's another traditionally delicate and elegant floral fragrance. The flower grows in abundance around the English countryside but it's only in bloom for two months of the year (May and June).
This scent may have a somewhat old fashioned reputation but it's still a truly beautiful fragrance in my opinion. Lily of the Vally is one of those delicate and uplifting floral scents that is subtle yet alluring.

Although I always wear one fragrance or another, I do wish that the scent would sometimes last a little longer on me throughout the day. One way I've been experimenting with increasing the wear time of my fragrances is by layering different products with the same fragrance on my skin

If you have ever wondered why many fragrance and body care gift sets often come with multiple products in the same fragrance, it's so that the scent can be layered up and made to last all day. For example, with this Lily of the Valley gift set from Kleeneze, I can use the scented bath salts and body wash in the bath, after bathing I can moisturize with the body lotion and then I can use the body spray and hand wash throughout the day to maintain the fragrance without it dissapearing.

Layering Scents_Lily of the Valley Kleeneze Gift Set
Lily of the Valley Gift Set_Kleeneze_£6.99

I adore all kinds of different fragrances and own a good variety of scented body products and perfumes to prove it! Although expensive perfumes usually smell divine, you don't need to spend a whole lot of cash to smell nice and I think that some of these more traditional fragrance options are great for us girls on a budget!

I've been enjoying using this lovely little Lily of the Valley fragranced body care set which has been a great introduction for me to this beautiful scent. I now really want to pick up a perfume version and I've happily discovered that Yardley London and Marks & Spencer both make a reasonably priced Lily of the Valley EDT. 

Layering Scents_Lily of the Valley
Layering Scents_Lily of the Valley

Layering Scents_Lily of the Valley
What fragrances have you been loving recently and how do you get your scent to last all day?

Hanna x

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