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With the beautiful summery weather we've been having here in the UK over recent months, I've been loving going to car boot sales with my OH. The variety of stuff for sale is always impressive and the prices are really excellent for anybody who is looking to shop on a budget. 

I have picked up quite a few makeup and beauty products from these recent car boot sale trips and some of it has been brand new and sealed. Other items I've picked up were second hand and although the idea of buying used makeup certainly isn't for everyone, I can safely say that Isopropyl Alcohol is your best friend if you do choose to recycle somebodies unwanted makeup. Using Isopropyl Alcohol, you can easily sanitize makeup and remove 99.9% of bacteria. 

I wouldn't typically recommend buying MAC makeup at a car boot sale as inevitably you will encounter many fake products that could even contain dangerous ingredients. However, if you have done your research and are sure that an item is genuine, it's quite thrilling to pick up a little bargain.

This MAC Lipglass in the shade NICO A60 is now discontinued but this is a lovely sparkly lavender shade with silver undertones. This is a good color to layer over a pink or nude lipstick to add a little bit of shimmer and dimension. I probably wont get a tremendous amount of use out of this because it's quite a difficult shade to pull off and I don't intend on keeping it for very long because it's already a couple of years old but this has served as quite a nice introduction to a MAC Lipglass. The consistency is quite thick which makes it pretty long wearing for a lipgloss and I also love the sweet vanilla scent of all MAC lip products! And the best part about this product is that it only cost £0.50p!

These MAC eyelashes have never been used and are beautiful. They are the #12 variety and are handmade. Mac describes these lashes as 'natural and dramatic'. Because they are handmade, the two sides aren't identical to one another but that makes them look more natural. They currently retail on the MAC website for £10.50 but these were actually free as I bought a packet of duo eye lash adhesive for £0.50p and the lovely seller kindly offered these to me for free! 

Have you bought anything from a car boot sale recently? 

Hanna x

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