Review I Original Source Coconut Shower Gel

Original Source Coconut Shower Gel Review
Original Source Coconut Shower Gel Review
Shower gels can be a little bit meh at times and after all, many aren't really supposed to do much more than get your skin clean. However, every now and then I seem to come across a shower gel that I really love and this Original Source Coconut shower gel is definitely one I'm sold on! 

The basics at a glance:

Packaging: Plastic squeeze bottle with black flip lid
Designed for: The body / dry skin
Consistency: White creamy liquid
Scent: Coconut
Size: 250 ml
Price: £0.99 - £2.50 
Available from: Lots of places including ASDA & Superdrug! 

Original Source Coconut Shower Gel Product Description
Original Source Coconut Shower Gel Product Description

 This shower gel smells gorgeous and doesn't dry out my skin, in fact it's just about as moisturizing as any shower gel can be (which is quite moisturising but how moisturising can something really be that is only in contact with your skin for about 1 minute!) This is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, the bottle is recyclable, the product is made in the UK and tested on Humans Beings! 

The consistency is quite runny and I do tend to go through the Original Source shower gels faster than some of the other thicker varieties I use, such as the NSPA ones. But I do love using this shower gel as it feels like a lovely treat and you can pick them up from various retailers on special offer for around £1 which makes them super duper value for money! 
Have you tried an Original Source Shower Gel yet?

Hanna x

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