Review I OPI 'Miss You-niverse' Nail Lacquer

OPI Miss You-niverse Nail Lacquer Review

If you saw my last OPI Nail Lacquer review, you will know all about how and why it's sometimes possible to pick up reduced price OPI Nail Lacquer from discount cosmetics retailers. However, it's important to buy from a reputable outlet as OPI is a desirable brand and inevitably there are some fakes out there. If you want to learn more about genuine and fake OPI, check out this informative blog post here.  

This OPI Nail Lacquer in the shade 'Miss You-niverse' was released a year ago in Autumn 2013 as part of the OPI Miss Universe 2013 Collection. As this was another Autumnal release, the shades are very much in keeping with the current season.  

 Packaging: Rounded glass bottle with a screw plastic lid and brush applicator
Designed for: The nails
Consistency: Runny liquid
Scent: Typical of most nail polish
Size: 15 ml
Price: £1.99
Available from: Direct Cosmetics 

OPI Miss You-niverse Nail Lacquer Nail Swatch

OPI Miss You-niverse Nail Lacquer

The shade 'Miss You-niverse' is a bluish purple with a dark plum undertone. This colour could probably be accurately described as blurple (blue-purple). Most OPI Nail Lacquers come in either one of three finishes: cream, glitter or shimmer and this one is a cream. This is also one of those shades that can look almost black on the nails. 

The formula applies smoothly and the brush glides across the nail giving an opaque finish in just three strokes and one coat! This is a chip resistant formula that gives a very decent wear time compared to most other cheaper nail polish brands I've tried. The bottles also have that nice clicking sound when they're shaken as they contain a ball bearing to make it easier to mix the formula prior to application. But did you know that it's better to roll nail polish rather than to shake it in order to avoid getting those annoying little air bubbles? That may be something to bear in mind next time you paint your nails (pardon the pun!)

OPI nail lacquers look very sleek and professional which is not surprising as many top salons use OPI on their client's manicures.

I love this nearly black shade! It's wearable yet quite dramatic and it's something I'll be using a lot throughout Autumn.

Do you have any current favorite blue nail polishes?
Hanna x

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