AMAZING Budget Christmas Shower Gel

nspa Sweet Treats Cheeky Cranberry Chocolate Shower & Bath Gel 500ml Review

There are always limited edition Winter shower gels available at this time of year. Lush's Snow Fairy is an ever popular choice but at £11.95 per 500ml bottle, it's not cheap. The Body Shop also do some very nice seasonal shower gels including a Frosted Cranberry scent this year and although these are cheaper at only £4 each, you only get a mere 250ml of product. 

Enter the nspa seasonal shower gels, currently available for only £2 from ASDA for a generous 500ml of product and available in a range of four deliciously festive flavors.

The basics at a glance:
Packaging: Round, clear plastic bottle with a red flip lid
Scent: Fruity cranberry and rich chocolate
Consistency: Red gel with slight gold shimmer
Designed for: The body / all skin types
Size: 500 ml
Price: £2.00
Available from: ASDA

I couldn't resist picking up this Cheeky Cranberry Chocolate scent during my weekly food shop as it's the perfect sweet and indulgent fragrance for this time of year. There were also three other foodie flavors to choose from including Decadent Caramel Chocolate, Warm Yummy Gingerbread and Golden & Sweet Caramel Fudge, which all sound delicious to me! 

I really like the nspa shower gels as they lather up well, don't dry out my skin and the 500ml bottle seems to last for ages! Although this shower gel has a subtle golden shimmer running through it, I'm pleased to report that doesn't transfer onto the skin! 

Another great thing about the nspa bath and shower gels is that they can be used as a bubble bath as well as a body wash. This is a versatile product, making it even better value for money in my opinion! 

I also adore the nspa Fresh Sweet Raspberry Shower Gel (review here) but that's definitely more of a summer scent for me.  

I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy using this in the run up to Christmas and you'll probably be seeing it featured in a favorites post soon!

Are you tempted to try one of these limited edition flavors? 

Hanna x
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