Review I Avon Senses Seventh Heaven Shower Gel

Avon Senses Seventh Heaven Dreamy Shower Gel

If you've been following my Car Boot Booty posts, you may have seen me pick up quite a few beauty bargains over the past few months. Today I'm reviewing something else I've picked up from a car boot sale recently, the Avon Senses Seventh Heaven Shower Gel, which normally retails for £2.00 and I got it for just £0.50p at a local car boot sale!

This shower gel has a musky floral fragrance that is both delicate and relaxing. I've tried a few other Avon Senses Shower gels in the past and they've always been enjoyable. 

 The packaging is a clear plastic bottle, with a pink flip up lid and a pretty sticky label design on the front.

This does lather well although it's not the most luxuriously bubbly shower gel I've ever tried. It certainly gets my skin clean and doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped of moisture. I like the fact the the shower gel is pink as I find that to be a bit of a novelty!

All in all, it's relatively basic but the fragrance is beautiful and I find the packaging to be attractive. In the past, I have found the flip lid can snap off quite easily so I will be extra gentle with this one!  

This contains a standard 250 ml of product. These usually retail for £2.00 but they are regularly on offer for £1.25 or less. I would say these shower gels are definitely worth the money when on offer and even at full price, they're not too bad value for money. 

I think this particular variety has recently been discontinued but I'm sure it's still available on Ebay, etc. There are quite a few different Avon Senses shower gels available and I will probably be picking up another one to try next time I order as they all look pretty good to me! 

I've got some more car boot beauty booty to share with you in one of my next posts, so watch this space if you like seeing beauty bargains!

Do you like your shower gels basic or luxurious?

Hanna x