The £1 Lipstick Holder

When I saw this Cosmetic Organizer in Poundland, I popped it in my basket straight away! It has room for six lipsticks and seven lip liners / lip pencils. But of course, it could be used to store mascaras and eyeliners or anything else that will fit! I currently have six Mac lipsticks, so it seems rather fated that these are a perfect fit! 

I think that this is a nice and inexpensive piece of makeup storage. It has that clear acrylic MUJI style look that was made so popular by the Kardashians but of course, it's not any thing like as expensive! This isn't the best quality lipstick holder around and it's definably not acrylic (it's plastic!) but hey, who really cares for just £1! Even if your looking to purchase some better storage in the future, this could be a good quick fix storage solution in the meantime.

I'm always on the lookout for inexpensive makeup storage so I'm pretty happy with this recent Poundland find!

Will you be picking up one of these?

Hanna x

P.S. It's Friday again so I hope you all have a lovely weekend, where ever you are and what ever you're doing (even if you're working!)