USpicy Makeup Brushes - A Real Techniques Dupe?

USpicy Makeup Brushes Review Real Techniques Dupe

The Real Techniques makeup brushes have been a massive hit over the past few years. So it's not surprising that there are now quite a few dupes around. But what might be surprising is that quite a few of these dupes are actually very good.

Today, I'm going to be reviewing this set of six USpicy synthetic makeup brushes. These certainly look very similar to Real Techniques brushes but how do they compare in terms of performance?

USpicy Makeup Brushes Review Real Techniques Dupe
USpicy Makeup Brushes Review - Real Techniques Dupe

 These brushes come packaged in a lovely gift presentation box which also doubles as a handy place to store the brushes when not in use. There is also a little booklet included that gives an overview of each of the brushes and how to use them. 

 The set contains six brushes said to be of professional grade quality and made from synthetic fibers as opposed to natural hair. I would agree that these brushes are as good as any other professional brushes I've tried. They hardly shed at all, are super soft, dense, wash very well and dry quickly.

USpicy Makeup Brushes Review - Soft & Dense Bristles Close-up
USpicy Makeup Brushes Review - Soft & Dense Bristles Close-up
Synthetic brushes also have many advantages over natural hair brushes including harboring less bacteria and being well suited to use with both cream and powder makeup. 

USpicy Makeup Brushes Review Real Techniques Dupe Brush Set
USpicy Makeup Brushes Review - Real Techniques Dupe Brush Set

Here's a little overview of all of the brushes:

1). The first flat topped brush is a dense stipple brush. I like to apply my cream and powder cheek products with this. It also works well for applying foundation and setting powder too. 

2). The next brush is a rounded brush, perfect for applying bronzer to warm up the face and neck.

3). Then there is a flat topped buffing style brush which I have been really enjoying applying my foundation with. I think this is my personal favorite from the set. It gives a flawlessly blended appearance and also facilitates the building up of a higher coverage finish.  

4). The angled flat brush is good for buffing in setting powder but I actually prefer this angled design to contour with. 

5). The tapered paddle brush is great for applying foundation and concealer with as it can get into all of the usually hard to reach facial contours such as under the eyes and around the nose.

6). The last brush is a great brush for applying eye shadow with.

Makeup brushes are one of those things that are well worth the money as they can last for ages if they are taken care of properly. These brushes represent great value for money as they do perform on par with some of the more expensive makeup brushes I've tried. 

This USpicy makeup brush set is available from Amazon for £14.99 and that includes free UK delivery. There is also a purple version of this set available which I really like too!

Have you tried any inexpensive Real Techniques brush dupes yet? 

Hanna x

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