Dare to Wear? £1 Perfume

Miss Sporty Crush On You Freesia & Violet Petals Accord EDT Fragrance

I recently found some Miss Sporty EDT sprays in my Local Bargain Buys for £1 and decided to pick one up to try out. I've purchased a few other £1 perfumes in the past and to be honest, I've usually been pleasantly surprised by them. 

I also thought that this one should be better than most other £1 perfumes in theory at least because it's a branded Miss Sporty product from Coty and Coty has been producing fragrances since 1904. It's also the company behind a lot of popular celebrity fragrances including Beyonce and Lady Gaga. 

Miss Sporty Crush On You Freesia & Violet Petals Accord EDT Fragrance
Miss Sporty Crush On You Freesia & Violet Petals Accord EDT Fragrance

So, what do I think of this perfume...

There were four different scents to choose from including Orange Blossom & White Musk, Fresh Rose & Peach, Sparkling Mimosa & Jasmine and Freesia & Violet Petals.

I picked up Freesia & Violet Petals and I have to say, it's not at all bad! For £1, you get a generous amount of product (100ml) and the fragrance actually lasts quite well on me. I don't think this is something I would wear when going anywhere special but when I'm just heading to work or going to run some errands, it's perfect to spritz on. It's also something I can happily throw in my handbag and not worry about it as let's face it, who cares if it gets lost or broken as it's as cheap as chips to replace! Another potential use for this fragrance is as a room spray or even a bathroom spray. Home air fresheners are usually a lot more expensive and yet this works just as well and probably smells better in my opinion!

So, that's really all I have to say about this! To surmise, it's quite a nice cheap EDT spray made by a world renowned fragrance producer that can function as either a perfume or home fragrance. Not bad at all for £1.

Would you ever dare to wear a £1 perfume?

Hanna xx

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