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Soap & Glory Off Your Face Wipes

Face wipes have a terrible reputation within the beauty community and it's easy to see why: A face wipe usually isn't enough to remove all of that makeup, dirt and grime from out faces. However, face wipes still play a big part in my cleansing routine! Now, before you get too horrified by this confession, allow me to explain why I still like to use face wipes and then I can talk to you about these little beauties from Soap and Glory...

I like to use face wipes as a 'first cleanse' to get the bulk of my face makeup off along with most of the dirt and grime that may have collected on my face throughout the day. This means that when I go in for a second cleanse using something like a cleansing bar, balm or oil, I can thoroughly clean out my pores. I almost never use face wipes to remove eye makeup as even those ones that claim to be able to remove waterproof makeup just don't do the job without a lot of unnecessary rubbing and tugging around the delicate eye area. There are also those rare occasions when I'm too tired to do a proper evening cleanse (shock, horror) so I'd rather take off the bulk of my face makeup with a wipe than sleep in a full face of makeup! ( I know, I'm a terrible beauty blogger!)

Anyway, now I've got that off my chest (phew) I can talk about these Off Your Face Cleansing Wipes from Soap and Glory. First of all, I love the name! And the pink packaging and retro photograph is adorable.

These face wipes are described as "3-In-1 Cleansing & Toning Daily Purifying Cloths... will cleanse, tone and - if you employ a little bit of pressure - exfoliate your face."  

Ingredients - Soap & Glory Off Your Face Wipes
Ingredients - Soap & Glory Off Your Face Wipes

These wipes do an impressive job of removing makeup. Seriously, in just one swipe, they get so much off! They're quite moist, which is always a good thing, and the cloths themselves are cotton soft. They have a fruity fragrance that will probably evoke mixed opinions: I don't personally mind it, but I don't exactly love it either! The wipes have a little honeycomb-like textured pattern on them which I think is what gives them their exfoliating properties. The packet is resealable (as you would expect) and the sticker seems to work well at preventing the wipes from drying out. Once I've opened a packet of wipes, I usually like to store them upside down so that the wipes at the top are always nice and moist.

Although these wipes are created for all skin types, I would suggest that they may be unsuited to some people with sensitive skin as they do contain fragrance, alcohol and acidic fruit extracts. I haven't personally experienced any skin irritation but my skin isn't incredibly sensitive. I haven't used these wipes around my eye area as like I mentioned above, I don't use face wipes to remove eye makeup. However, again due to the fragrance, I would imagine that these wipes could sting some people's eyes.

This pack retails for £4.50 from Boots and contains 25 wipes, giving an average cost per wipe of £0.18. I actually got these wipes as part of a big value Christmas set and I wouldn't repurchase these again without some kind of deal. I'd probably stock up during a 3-4-2 offer and get three packets for £9.00 which brings the average cost per wipe down to £0.12.

Overall, I think that these are lovely face wipes. They're a bit more of a indulgent treat than most other face wipes I've used but what else have we come to expect from Soap & Glory if not a spot of indulgent pampering!? I will look forward to using these again in the future but in the meantime, I'll stick to my No.7 quick thinking wipes that can be purchased for £2.00 with a £5.00 No.7 skin care voucher. Failing that, baby wipes always do the job and they're as cheap as chips!

Do you use face wipes as part of your skin care routine and have you ever tried the Off Your Face Wipes from Soap & Glory? 

Hanna x
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