YANKEE DUPE: The £2.99 Luxury Fragranced 18oz Gingerbread Candle

Wickford & Co. large jar 18oz Gingerbread luxury budget fragranced candle

There's something magical about keeping a beautifully fragranced candle burning while relaxing at home, especially on these crisp Autumn evenings. I love a cosy night in at this time of year and a warm, peaceful, well lit home is my idea of heaven as the days get shorter and the nights longer. 

Burning fragranced candles can definitely be addicting and sometimes it's hard to not notice that it can become quite an expensive habit. In order to offset some of the costs associated with this rather more wholesome than average addiction, I like to look for quality fragranced candles in the budget price range. Quality and budget aren't usually two words that go together but I do think that there is often something to be said for sacrificing a brand name in favour of a generic alternative in order to strike a balance between cost without having to compromise on quality.

Home Bargains is my long-standing first choice for purchasing quality, genericly branded budget-freindly fragranced candles. A lot of the candles in Home Bargains are from a company called Wickford & Co. which produces luxury fragranced candles. The large 18oz jar candles only cost a budget busting £2.99 and they can burn for up to 95 hours. I've tried quite a few of their large jar fragranced candles now and I have to say that I've always been impressed with them.

It's only natural to make the comparison between these Wickford & Co. large jar fragranced candles and the Yankee large jar fragranced candles. I would definitely consider the Wickford & Co. large jar fragranced candles to be a budget Yankee Candle alternative. Even the fragrance of this candle can be considered a Yankee Candle dupe as Yankee Candle also have a Gingerbread fragrance in their Christmas range! Yankee Candles can burn for upto 150 hours which gives over 50% more burn time than these Wickford & Co. large jar fragranced candles. It practically goes without saying that Yankee fragranced candles are amazing but you certainly pay for that amazingness with their usual RRP being around the £21.99 price bracket. I firmly beleive that this Wickford & Co. large jar fragranced candle is a fantastic budget freindly alternative with a relatively tiny cost that works out at 14% of the usual large jar Yankee Candle RRP.

This Wickford & Co. large jar Gingerbread fragranced candle smells beautifully authentic with it's instantly recognisable sweet and spicey fragrance. It's honestly like having just taken a batch of freshly baked gingerbread men out of the oven! The fragrance is strong enough to fill my entire living room and the scent carries slightly throughout the rest of my house and even lingers for a while after burning.

I would highly recommend this Wickford & Co. large jar Gingerbread fragranced candle as dispite it's budget busting price tag, it's certainly up there as one of my personal all time favourite fragranced candles. It's ideal for the festive season and althogh I'm probably burning it a little too early, I just can't resist and besides, I've already purchased a back up (or two!) to burn over Christmas!

Wickford & Co. large jar 18oz Gingerbread luxury budget fragranced candle
Wickford & Co. large jar 18oz Gingerbread luxury budget fragranced candle

In the meantime, I'm also growing ever more tempted to try some of the autumnal Bath and Body Works dupe fragranced candles that have launched in B&M stores recently. I would abslutely love to know any other recommendations you have for places to buy quality, budget freindly fragranced candles.

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